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“Just got the Julius K9 harnesses a couple months back. I’m really liking them… Well constructed and super easy to put on. I’m thrilled with them - I love how easy they are to put on, how well they’re made, how well they stay positioned - and the handle does come in handy.”
Anita Illinois

“The only harness that works for us, is the Julius K9 - they back out of all other types.” Sue Connecticut “Love this!”
Behr Oregon

“I am so in love with these harnesses! I am so thankful to who introduced me to them! WOW!”
La’Dawn Tennessee

“Love the color of the harness! Julius K9 is my favorite harness.”
Jaidee New Hampshire

“I have IDCs and I love them. No chaffing, easy to put on and off, and they give a great grip for flyball. They are super-easy to adjust to fit as well.”
“FailedSlacker” Southern Sask, Canada

“Julius K9 is very nice. It does have that bulkiness feeling to it.”
“harveyspecter” California

“I have the Julius K-9 as well… We LOVE it!!!”
Tracey Tennessee

“I have a Julius K-9 for Winnie and really like it. “
Donna Texas

“I’m a huge fan of the Julius K-9! This is working just great for us!”
Jessica New York

“+ my dog is very mobile wearing it, but def. not getting out of it + super high quality material and stiching (made in the EU) + handle is super helpful + D-ring is very secure It’s really THAT good!”
“Zinjanthropus” New York

“I love this. Hands down. It has handle on the back of the harness tha makes it easy for me to grab my husky if need. I can even easily pick her up by it and carry her. It also has flashlight attachment!”
“VastraTaari” Indiana

“Does not restrict movement comes in many different sizes the added handle. Comes in handy in many different situations. Sits low on the chest so there is no throat involvement.”
Suzie Wisconsin

“Julius K9 harness with backpack attachments you can take off. Charlie is also a dog scout and needed a backpack to earn his hiking and backpacking badges.” Marion Michigan “I love his Julius K9 harness. It was my best purchase for this guy.”
Stevie Illinois

“We hike in all the State parks in WI and all of our dogs have Julius K-9 harnesses.”
Lucas Illinois