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IDC® Powerharness, Red, Size: 2

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54.99 USD
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer item code: 16IDC-R-2
Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
Availability: In Stock


Size: 2
Chest circumference: 71 - 96 cm / 28 - 38 in
For dogs: 28 - 40 kg / 61.5 - 88 lbs
Reflective strip on chest belt
Handle on back



JULIUS-K9® - Inventor of the dog harness with interchangeable patches and hook & loop system on the chest.

Perfect ergonomics


Thanks to a major development in the IDC Powerharness the chest strap forwards the power lines of the leash.

idc kutyaham 23

Breathable, skin friendly inner liner

eco-texNormally we don't pay enough attention to these great properties.  The OECO-TEX material is manufactured to the highest standards in human clothing manufacturing.

crash-tested  Heavy duty buckles

The high-quality buckles of an IDC-Powerharness are rigorously tested and checked.  This is especially vital in the winter, these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in the coldest weather.

dog-haness-reflective reflective  Reflective edges and chest strap

One of the most important functions of an IDC-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest.  The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the walking dog is visible in the dark from an even greater distance.

Sidebag fixing option


Sidebags are available in 3L and 4L versions for the bigger Powerharnesses. sizes from 0 to 4.  A smaller IDC-Universal sidebag has also been available since 2013.  With a 250 ccm capacity it's ideal to carry personal documents, vaccination papers, a cell-phone and dog treats.
dog-harness-sidebag-1    dog-harness-side-bag

Torch holder

torchholder 1

The torch holder is made of rigid elastic, so it is very stable, the torch can not slip out of the holder.  It's useful for night walks to follow your dog.  Thanks to the ergonomic design you don't have to worry that your dog could be blocked because of the loops.  The torch holder is made of high quality German materials.  It also allows the use of sidebags simultaneously.

It's essential for search and rescue dogs and for every service dog that works in the dark.


Removable interchangeable patches

There are about 1000 different interchangeable patches in various languages in stock, but you can also order a customized one especially for your dog.  The IDC-Powerharness comes complete with a pair of fluorescent JULIUS-K9 series labels which glow in the dark.

  kutyaham-oldalferirat4  kutyaham-oldalfeirat-3  kutyaham-oldalfeirat 

Handle lock with new snap

The new handle fixing option on the IDC-harness allows for 4 different variations.  You can fix only the steel ring, only the handle, both of them or neither of them.  With these options you can minimize the dog's chances of being blocked.  It's really important especially for hunting dogs along with search and rescue dogs.
Note: If the dog is blocked by bushes in a place that is not visible, the IDC-Powerharness allows for free movement backwards, so that the dog can escape.

kutyaham-fogo-1 kutyaham-fogo-2 kutyaham-fogo-3 kutyaham-fogo-4

Available with safety lock in the color black

The hook and loop mounting safety lock was developed in 2004 by Julius-K9 especially for service dogs.  This practical accessory increases the load capacity of the buckle under the chest by 60 kg.  It ensures for safe use, even in the case of damaged (chewed) buckles.  It has been used by the Police Service Dog Unit of London since 2013.
Color: black
Code: 16IDC-P[size]+

Certified Quality

Highest quality certified by independent crash test.  The buckle of the product has opened at 300 kg, but the harness itself did not break.

Not for tie-out!


The first dog harness with interchangeable patches from the inventor!  Since 1997!

Chest circumference 28" - 38"

Adjustment & Sizing

K9® is a European Trademark owned by Julius-K9®


| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Excellent. This is my second harness purchase. I bought one (SIZE 3) my Bernese Mountain Dog, and it worked out so well I bought another for my new rescue. She's a Lab Mix, and a (size 2) is a perfect fit for her. Both dogs work well with this harness. It is easy to put on and keeps the dog secure. The versatility of the handle and the addition of the Chest Pad make this a truly great item. Most of the time the harness itself is sufficient. However, there are times when I add the chest pad to aid in lifting the dogs or to provide additional control in stressful situations. I highly recommend theses harnesses and chest pads. Julius K-9 provides prompt order fulfillment and quality products. I recommend them, and will be purchasing again in the future as necessary. Thank you Julius K-9!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This harness is the 2nd one I bought!! I bought one for my corgi and he’s so hard to fit, it fit so perfect and looked so good I bought one for my grand dog a German Shepherd, she has a tendency to pull but not with this harness.. love them both and highly recommend them. I would make the d-ring coated or something so when it gets wet it won’t rust.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Absolutely great product. I have three GSDs, one male WGWL and a male and female WGSL. I have purchased Julius K9 IDC Powerharnesses for them in sizes both for them as pups and as adults. Each harness has fit extremely well and held up wonderfully. I am on several Facebook German Shepherd related communities and pages and without fail every time someone asks about which harness to get I recommend these. I have heard back from several people that I gave this recommendation to and each and every one has been thrilled with the Julius K9 harnesses they purchased. Excellent quality and well worth the price.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Great vest! Fits perfectly. Freeway quality.
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

Absolutely love this harness! Our German Shepherd pulls sometimes and when we hold onto the handle he stops and waits. The quality is amazing and it is very easy to get on and off! Best product we have bought for our dog.
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