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IDC® Powerharness, Black, Size: Baby2

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29.99 USD
Average Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars! (2)
Manufacturer item code: 16IDC-P-B2
Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
Availability: In Stock


Size: Baby2
Chest circumference: 33 - 45 cm / 13 - 17.5 in
For dogs: 2 - 5 kg / 4.5 - 11 lbs
Reflective strip on chest belt
No handle
(the flashlight mounting is not available for this size)



JULIUS-K9® - Inventor of the dog harness with interchangeable patches and hook & loop system on the chest.

Perfect ergonomics


Thanks to a major development of the IDC Powerharness the chest strap forwards the power lines of the leash.

idc kutyaham 23


crash-tested  Heavy duty buckles

The high-quality buckles of an IDC-Powerharness are rigorously tested and checked.  This is especially vital in the winter, these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in the coldest weather.

dog-haness-reflective reflective  Reflective edges and chest strap

One of the most important functions of an IDC-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest.  The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the walking dog is visible in the from an even greater distance.


Removable interchangeable patches

There are about 1000 different interchangeable patches in various languages in stock, but you can also order a customized one especially for your dog.  The IDC-Powerharness comes complete with a pair of fluorescent JULIUS-K9 series labels which glow in the dark.

  kutyaham-oldalferirat4  kutyaham-oldalfeirat-3  kutyaham-oldalfeirat 
Not for tie-out!


The first dog harness with interchangeable patches from the inventor!  Since 1997!

Chest circumference 13" - 17.5"

Adjustment & Sizing

K9® is a European Trademark owned by Julius-K9®


| 0 out of 5 Stars!

| 2 out of 5 Stars!

Based on the reviews, I purchased 2 of the powerharnesss Idc's for my 2 5 month old Cavaliers.
The booklet that came with the harnesses were mostly about other products you can purchase. There is no instructions for assembling the harness. There is a section called "Putting on your harness, which only tells you what would happen if to loose or too tight.
One of the straps has velcro on it, so I can only assume you take off the removable name tag and attach the strap there?.(which worried me that the velcro would come undone during walks.)
The other strap was fastened at the top of the harness when it arrived, which seemed to need to be unfastened and used for the girth. The straps are also very hard to adjust to size. The video I watched on youtube made these seem so easy to use, however they were already adjusted to the dogs.
These harnesses are still in closet where I put them out of frustration. I wish there would have been instructions instead of assuming everyone knows how to properly assemble and fit a dog harness,
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