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About Us

No. 1 in Europe

Julius-K9 LLC. is the subsidiary of the two European companies, who own the deservedly famous brand: Julius-K9®, the first brand in the whole world who made funny interchangeable patches available for its harnesses.  Julius-K9 LLC. is the U.S. Operational Headquarters, established at the end of 2014.  Our objective is to make Julius-K9® products easily available for people who live in North America.  Our products have been on the U.S. market since 2005, however only a portion of people have enjoyed the high-end quality and the uniqueness of our products.  The developers at Julius-K9® try to create the perfect harmony between the dog and their owner's work and relationship with the tiniest details.  The development, the production and the testing of the products go far beyond the rigorous requirements of the European Union.


Julius-K9® since 1997

Julius-K9® was founded as Julius Export 2000 Bt, a family enterprise in 1997.  The first demands came from police K9 units.  The first products (muzzles, leashes etc.) were supplied to Austrian and Hungarian companies and authorities.



The company cooperates with 9 subcontractors.

The main market is Austria.  In addition to HILAN, A.W. Barth Friedrich Heindl companies, more and more retailers joined the group of Julius-K9® retail partners.  The main users of K9 products are primarily police units, military units and dog-owners’ associations.



Tremendous growth.

Julius-K9®’s harnesses are presented to the international public under the name of K9-Power (World Expo VDH/Dortmund)

Julius-K9 Bt., operating near Budapest, supplies almost all European countries with its products.  The entire development, manufacturing and logistics process is managed through a family enterprise in Hungary, with the cooperation of several employees and subcontractors.  Retail dealer specialists receive the K9 products through wholesalers.



Julius-K9® is a regular participant of various fairs and expos (Berlin, Munich, Erfurt, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Udine, Budapest), the first international brand dealerships are founded.

Julius-K9® participates in charity activities, sponsors the establishment of an orphanage for the Hungarian subsidiary of the Baptist Charity Service, supports dog events and foundations worldwide, acts as main sponsor of VDH and concludes sponsorship contracts with special rescue units (Rescue 24, K9 Suchhundezentrum).

The company’s name is changed in 2008: Julius-K9 Bt.

The number of international brand dealerships grows at a rate never seen before.

Julius-K9® products are regularly presented in the media across Europe.

Julius-K9® dog harnesses win first place in a test conducted by independent, professional dog trainers assigned by WDR Television.

In order to reduce the distribution of copies, the upgrades are submitted to the patent offices as utility and design patents.



Julius-K9® develops its new product line, the IDC® product line and submits 20 inventions to the Hungarian Patent Office within a year.

The usage of German materials in Julius-K9® products increases to 70%.

IDC® harnesses are first presented at the Dortmund Dog Expo.

Julius-K9® becomes a direct supplier of the Austrian Mega Zoo chain.

The company becomes a direct supplier of the a German and Austrian Futterhaus stores.

Julius-K9® entrusts TRIXIE, a pet equipment manufacturer and distributor, to sell the old K9-Powerharnesses developed in 1997.



Brand dealerships operate in 21 countries.

The group of companies manufacturing the Julius-K9® products become one of Europe’s largest dog equipment manufacturers.

The unique developments of the IDC® innovation program will continue to make our product range even more colorful.

Julius-K9® product categories became important parts of Western Europe’s largest supplier’s programs.

Hungarian owner of Julius-K9® took out around 50 technical innovations at the Hungarian and other international patent offices.



Sales increase in African, Arab, South and Central American countries.

New projects connected to responsible dog owning, to support and promote neutering and adoption.

IDC®, Julius-K9® and Julius-K9® brands are well-known in every country that is significant from the economic or population point of view.

Production of IDC®-harnesses has started based on patented plastic technologies.

Our group of production partners is expanding and the K9-factory has been renovated and expanded. 

Additional warehouse and office building programs.

Innovation of therapeutic mattresses combined with herbs.



Thanks to a subsidy from the Hungarian State, storage developments continue in Hungary.

IDC® multifunctional dog vest appears on the market, opening a new area for Julius-K9®.

Direct and indirect support for animal rights activists and foundations.  A long-term cooperation begins with several Hungarian and German animal right organizations.



Julius-K9® becomes No. 1 in Europe.

At the end of the year Julius-K9® establishes its first out-of-continent subsidiary in the United States.


History of Julius-K9® dog harnesses:

K9 - Powerharness 1998 ~

Dog harness with side rings 2003 ~

Therapy dog harness 2003 ~

Rappelling and carrier harness 2003 ~

TPP dog harness 2006 ~ 2010

TPP Light dog harness 2006 ~

Cobra dog harness for working dog actions 2006 ~ 2008

Rehabilitation harness 2006 ~

IDC® – Powerharness 2010 ~

IDC® Beltharness (black) 2010 ~

IDC® – Powerharness with side rings 2011 ~

Rappelling and carrier harness 2012 ~

K9 national flag harness 2012 ~

IDC® national flag harness 2012 ~

IDC® - Belt harness (blue and red) 2012 ~

IDC® multifunctional dog vest 3in1 2013 ~

And there will be more to come...