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Hard protector vest with removable tug

Hard protector vest with removable tug

119.99 USD
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Manufacturer item code: 145KJ
Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
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With removable tug.

This vest is made of a special material which is puncture and scratch resistant.  It gives perfect protection, but allows for great mobility by the trainer.  Since this product is designed especially for muzzle training, we are aware of every injury possible, so there is a protective cup in it.  Another practical accessory is the hook and loop fixed tug, which is easily removable so you can reward your dog for a well done action without interrupting the training.  The vest gives great target areas on the chest, stomach, back and waist.

You may use our products at your own risk.  If you use them in ways other than originally intended we can't assume responsibility for any injuries.

Type Muzzle Training