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IDC® Multifunctional dog vest 3in1 - XL

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104.99 USD
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! (2)
Manufacturer item code: 16SWM-IDC-XL
Manufacturer: Julius-K9®
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Size XL; chest circumference: 75 - 92 cm / 29.5 - 36 in

Swimming vest + neoprene jacket + rehabilitation harness - winner of the 2015 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award

Multifunctional swimming vest with removable floating foam pads.  A great help for swimming because the foam pads are practical for pressure distribution (rehabilitation vest).  If you remove the floating foam pads from their pockets, you will have a neoprene jacket, which protects your dog from the rain, wind and cold.  As a swimming vest it’s practical help for hydro-therapy – with reducing or increasing the number of the floating pads you can change the level of the excercises.  With a strong handle and a ring for the leash it’s easy to control, hold, or lift the dog.  Highly recommended for those dog breeds (English and French Bulldogs) which are more challenged to be swimmers due to their physical abilities. 

The dog vest is supplied with two foam pads (for the chest and back part).

Available in four sizes, the foam pads can be ordered separately.


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Type of special harnesses IDC® 3in1 Multifunctional Dog Vest


| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I recently purchased the IDC Multifunction vests for my two Rottweilers. These are considered a "3 in 1" vest, but I bought them primarily for use as life jackets..., after trying several other brands. Let me be very clear on this..., there is NO other vest worth buying on the market!!! The Julius life jacket is the ONLY one that works!!! This vest is bad ass on an entirely different level. I read at least 100 reviews on every vest on the market and for some reason the Julius vest didn't even make the list. (I understand if every other vest is $20 and the Julius is $400..., but that's not the case so I'm completely confused). Even my vet recommended some other brand. In everyone's defense..., perhaps they have much smaller dogs??? Bottom line is that my Rotts are very powerful swimmers..., for both minutes. They are so muscular and dense, they tire very quickly, and then it's a race to the bottom of the river! As if that weren't issue enough, when my big male jumps out of the boat, every other vest we tired was useless for hauling him back aboard. While the IDC Multifunction is not specifically designed as a lifting harness, it does work as one for the short haul from the water into the boat. (Impressive for a 140lb dog)!!! It stays put on him for the short lift, requiring no adjustment afterward. The vest comes with one set of float pads installed, and since I wasn't sure how much flotation my dogs would need I purchased an extra set I may never use. The vest as it shipped fits tight, and keeps the back end of both dogs afloat extremely well. In a word, "Amazing"!!! I have zero complaints. That being said, the potential buyer should be aware that these vests fit very snug. It doesn't restrict movement at all, but it's a tight fit..., as it should be!!! It's primarily neoprene, so your big dogs will get hot quick. (So far we've limited the wear time to about 2 1/2hrs, just during swimming/boating... but that's the trade off if you want something that actually works). The fit is amazing, but requires a bit more effort than the "fake" vests to put on and especially remove. The huge velcro areas on the vest are what make it fit so well, but you and the dog have to get used to it. In summary, this vest is the real deal, and is easily worth WAY more than what they have them priced at. (I will actually buy a few more of them, one in each size so I have them available for the occasional foster dog we take on). One final note; these things look super cool on the dogs!!! (And they offer custom patches)!!!
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

I just purchased this for my Doberman and rate this 5+ paws. It is neoprene to keep him warm but also the only vest that I have seen that has foam inserts on the fore chest and around the chest. I do dock diving with him. He is 90lb dog and concerned about the impact when he hits the water. This is the protection that I have been looking for. Also with a big, deep chest I can adjust this to fit snug on him. Great Job Julius K9.
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